1.     Do I need one or two Stops-it units to park effectively?

-          You only need one stops-it unit to park effectively.  Simply place the unit in front of either your left driver’s side wheel or your right, passenger’s side wheel.

2.     Do I need tools to install Stops-it?

-          No tools are required to install your Stops-it unit.  Simply place your Stops-it unit in your desired location and that’s it.  This is one of the advantages of Stops-it, there are not tools required to install it.  The attached, thin mat holds your unit in place, preventing it from moving out of position.     

3.     Will Stops-it work with different size tires/wheels/vehicles?

-          Yes, your stops-it will work with a wide range of tire/wheels/vehicles.  The product measures 4” (10.61cm) high, 6” (15.24cm) deep and 22” (55.88cm) wide and can accommodate very small tires/wheels/compact sized vehicles as well as larger style trucks and SUV’s. 

4.     How much does the unit weigh?

-          The unit and mat combined weigh approximately 11 pounds or 5 kilograms.  

5.     Can it only be used for front tires/wheels?

-          No, you can pull forward with your vehicle to use either your front left or front right-side wheels or you may back into your Stops-it product.  Regardless of your front wheel, back wheel, trailer wheel, etc., Stops-it is effective in every application mentioned.

6.     Can Stops-it be used outdoors?

-         Yes, Stops-it is made of very durable rubber materials that can be used both indoors or outdoors.

7.     What is the warranty for Stops-it?

-          Stops-it has a One-year limited warranty.  All products are guaranteed to be free of defects at time of receipt and remain free of defect for one year from the date of purchase. Warranty is non-transferable. If you have a question regarding the warranty on your product, contact our company at www.stops-it.com.